• Amoeba 7600
    RF Front-End Devices Tester
    Amoeba AMB7600 is the world's first true multi-site, multi-instance RF tester!

    It is designed to address the new wave of challenges in the RF testing world, specifically, advanced front-end RF devices. 

    These devices include a range of categories; RF power amplifiers (PAs), RF filters and switches, and front-end modules (FEMs).


    RF Functionality
    • True multi-site support
    • Full source and measure capability
    • Vector network analyzer capability
    • Full modulation support
    • Two-tone source support

    • Multi-instance production software
    • Multi-test-site configurations
    • Flexible RF accessories integration
    • Seamless development-to-production migration
    AMB7600 consists of RF subsystem and DC subsystem:- 

    RF subsystem comprises the RF sources, RF digitizer, RF splitter module, RF Mux and dual-RF-port modules. 

    DC subsystem comprises a wide range of source and measure unit which differs in wattage and V/I ranges. 

    An optional RF accessories subsystem can be added to allow multiple frequency coverage, attenuation and/or amplification of RF signals.Picture on the right illustrates the architecture of Amoeba 7600 RF tester. Multiple subsystems and techFlow software made up a complete system.

    Leading Tester Technology
    AMB7600 demonstrates state-of-the-art test technology through its capability to launch multiple instances of techFlow (test flow management production software) with a single tester. 

    This leads to the availability of productive multisite testing configurations. Next, the RF accessories configuration allows flexible integration of RF accessories which closes the gap of RF devices’ needs and test resources availability. 

    Lastly, AMB7600 is designed to cater for easy development-to-production migration.
    Test Coverage
    EVM, ACP, Phase Noise, Gain Flatness, Spectral Mask, ACPR, Power, Gain, Frequency Response, Synthesizer Phase Noise, 1dB Compression PT, Noise Figure, Freq Deviation, Pin Search , Harmonic, PAE, ACLR, Insertion Loss, VSWR, Gain Compression, Reverse Isolation/Transmission ( S12), Input Impedance ( S11), Output Impedance (S22), OBW, Phase/Magnitude/Freq Error, CCDF, etc.

    All of the multi test sites are independent using one single tester, as long as the test resources are sufficient. 
    Multi-Instance techFlow
    Amoeba 7600 deploys the latest production software from Aemulus – Multi-Instance techFlow. 

    With a single set of RF, DC and RF accessories subsystems, users are able to instantiate multiple instances of techFlow to handle multiple distinctive and independent test sites. 

    The advantage includes performing production test on multiple handler and on different devices. Since each test site is managed by a single techFlow, the operation of individual test site is independent to the other sites. 

    This method can be used to perform production testing of multiple different devices. When the same type of device is tested on all sites, the overall productivity is increased using only one set of tester.
    Multi-Site Testing Configurations
    The introduction of multi-instance techFlow renders the flexibility in multi-site testing configurations. This involves joining single 7600 tester with one or many handlers. 

    Index parallel multi-site configuration can be achieved by splitting test parameters into multiple groups. Each group is tested in one of the multiple sites within the same handler.

    Time-multiplex multi-site configuration can be implemented using single tester and multiple handlers. Each test site within a handler is managed by single techFlow.
    Flexible RF Accessories Subsystem
    An optional RF accessories subsystem can be added to fill the gap between the availability of test resources and the testing requirements of the RF devices. 

    RF switches, attenuators, pre-amplifiers and other RF accessories can be integrated into this subsystem to better handle or compensate environment and test setup. 

    The RF ports can be extended to more than 8 ports using the same subsystem. The flexibility of RF accessories subsystem allows quick enhancement of existing system to cater for new type of RF devices with added test requirements.
    Easy Development-to-Production Migration
    7600 takes into consideration the importance of quick and easy development-to-production migration. The RF test development software and techFlow production software form a complete development-production software suite.

    techFlow Production Software
    techFlow software offers a very flexible testing configuration. 

    Launching a single techFlow still allows users to manage multiple test sites independently. This is useful when deploying index parallel multi-site configuration. 

    On the other hand, users can instantiate multiple techFlow to handle different test sites based on single 7600. With the implementation of 7600 and techFlow, users enjoy the most optimized cost of test.
    Top illustrates screenshot of techFlow Launcher
    Top illustrates screenshot of techFlow Diagnostic and Calibration of System
    Top Illustrates screenshot of techFlow Production System
    Top illustrates screenshot of techflow Resource Editor & Planner
    AMB 7600 standing tall at
    Dimension: 31" x 24" x 31"
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