• Corporate Social Responsibility
    A structure with a touch of science brings great inventions to mankind; renewable energy converted from the infinite source of nature, wind

    Alike windmills, Aemulus being a high tech company aims to bring more inventions, transforming society through education and technology. Our sole existence may not transform the living standard for all but it can be achieved with more like-minded’s presence.

    As a Penang-based homegrown company, we are proud of our roots. Improving living standards of many through technology advancement is essential to us. Hence we aim to uncover potential talents and be their guide in the journey of entrepreneurship. 

    Our endevours in entrepreneurship advocacy involves non-profit organizations such as ACAT- Penang’s Accelerator for Creative, Analytics & Technology and Penang Science Cluster, other companies who are passionate in this advocacy as well.

    Young Outliers Game Changers Camp 2017
    Find out more here.
    Second Startup - Powered by Aemulus
    Find out more here.
    Webcamp for Entrepreneurs
    In January 2016, invited by a fellow homegrown company, our CEO, Sang Beng talks about one of the toughest phase in a startup cycle which is, scouting for investors. As serious as it may sound, the attentive audience  nods at each chart as shown ,but with an equal amount of  laughter too. 
    Peptalk 2016: Good Decision is When You Make It Right
    Our CEO, Ng Sang Beng shares his key take-outs throughout his journey of entrepreneurship with an intention to inspire decision-makers in a MNC. Many lessons learnt boil down to one thing; the ability to make your decision right. 
    Penang Entrepreneur Startup Conference 2015
    On December 4th 2015, Sang Beng, CEO kickstarted Penang Entrepreneur Startup Conference 2015 at @CAT office, Wisma Yeap Chor Ee with his insight of product positioning & monetisation.
    Penang International Science Fair 2015
    We rendered monetary assistance to Penang International Science Fair 2015 via Penang Science Cluster. The fair attracted schools children nationwide with their annual robotic competition which sparks creativity and innovation through hands on application.
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