• A Second Chance
    to re-ignite your passion
    ‘Success’ is heavily looked upon, good grades were celebrated whereas red-marked grades were frown upon. It is not wrong to want success but it is wrong to discriminate failures. Aemulus saw the need of failures to fuel success. Simply said, we encouraged mistakes, embraced failures, and expand areas of growth. 

    Emulating Aemulus’s culture, we aim to give local startups second chance to rise again. In fact, 9 out of 10 startups failed eventually due to incompetency & lacking in experience. However, do not be disheartened by this cold truth, consequent startup stands a better chance to be successful. According to “Failed Entrepreneurs Find More Success the Second Time” published online by Bloomberg Business, determined entrepreneurs with second attempt has a higher chance to succeed and the rate of success is in tandem with rate of past failures. 

    A life float is needed most in this predicament faced by majority of the entrepreneurs. A second chance to fortify their business model and product before they enter the market once again. With that, a collaborative effort with Te4p is launched, Second Startup-Powered by Aemulus.


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