Aemulus Office

It's not
a building.

It's our base.

To others, workplace is just a building.
To us, it’s a very special place.
It amplifies our beliefs and actions taken towards real sustainability.

Live, breathe ESG.

What’s it all about?

People often has the misconception that technology drives progress. When it is in fact the people that make things happen. You. Me. Us. Together.

We believe the key to a thriving business lies with its people. And the key to profit and sustainability is its resources.

As natural resources become scarce and human interactions turn distanced, we realised the importance of taking good care of these essentials.

At Aemulus, we embrace ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) as our modus operandi because we believe that’s the way forward.

When one door closes,

a new one opens.

For those who are keen, our CEO shares Aemulus’ Comeback Story.

From dreamy vision

to reality

Say hi to the ones who pursued their passion and carried Aemulus to where it is today.

From the business


All the key corporate and financial information you need to know in one place.

We believe everyone

needs to start somewhere.

At Aemulus, we believe everyone has potential. From those who are experienced-and-ready to newcomers who are fresh-and-eager, with the right mindset, there’s a place for you here. Don’t take our word for it. Ask the team at Aemulus.


Knock Knock!

Come in.

Whether you’re here for business, or to join us at Aemulus Base, drop us a line and we will surely get in touch.