• 2016 SYMPOSIUM: Believing is Fulfilling
    23rd Oct 2015 @ Equatorial Hotel Penang
    There is no man without a story. 

    Your story has begun when you breath in your first lungful of oxygen and soon you will find yourself flipping through old chapters of your life. 2016 Aemulus Symposium time-travelled all staff back to a specific chapter of their life; a chapter on ‘Belief’. 

    Ng Chin Wah, Financial Controller made a rhetorical question, “What moves me from an establishing company in Singapore to a then private company, Aemulus Corporation Sdn Bhd? In one word, it was belief!” Like an eagle, a visionary chartered accountant took a leap of faith and proved his vision right this year with the listing of Aemulus Holdings Berhad. 

    A story within a story, R&D Director, Low Bok Siew recalled his life chapter on ‘Breakthrough through Belief’. It all started with a tale of an elephant – a calf who was man-raised with a chain grew comfortable with the chain despite its strength. An adult elephant could smashed a metal chain anytime but it did not because of a belief. A simple tale yet impactful mirroring Bok Siew’s career progression over the years. 

    A tale to inspire staff of Aemulus to believe in oneself and the company, own one’ projects and responsibilities and be fearless to chase after one’ dreams.

    [Top] Senior Marketing Director, Tan E-Chiang  illustrates Aemulus products in lives of many

    [Bottom] Chief Operation Officer, Yeoh Chee Keong touches on efficient production
    Themed Halloween Night, Count Dracula welcomes all
    [Top & Bottom]: Super Heroes, Devils and Mortals
    [Top & Bottom]: Frankenstein found his match
    Nostalgia for all gamers, Pac-Man rules!
    [Top & Bottom]: Monsters versus Pirates

    [Top]: Angels & Devils
    [Bottom]:  Eastern Wizard has some spells to cast
    Newcomers just wanna have fun...shake it off
    [Top]: Best Performer of the night - Balinese styled Ballerinas 
    [Bottom]: Preppy Salsa Dancers
    [Top]: Masked line dancers
    [Bottom]: Spiderman found his Mary Jane on stage
    Emcees of the night a.k.a Dracula and his lovers
    Best Dressed Award - Frankenstein & Greek Goddess
    Sim who won the Most Creative Angel Award danced jovially around a beautiful devil. 
    We are the heart of Aemulus!
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