• 2017 Symposium & Dinner
    21st Oct 2016 @ Equatorial Hotel Penang
    Three months before this day, a bunch of newly hired staff were called to a meeting. By then, everyone had known that it was for the much-anticipated event. 

    "What would it be this round?" a curious new hired asked.

    "Be prepared to meet the unexpected," chuckled the seasoned staff. 
    This is only the beginning

    What are they up to?
    Look again, your eyes aren't playing trick with you.
    Match 1: China Vs Taiwan
    China won, proceeds to next match
    The international nemesis: Malaysia Vs China
    A clean smash from Law eventually won the match
    (L-R) A model flanked by Zhang, Law and Lin 
    Welcome Patrons to Club Emulous!
    Each of us has an idol in our hearts but did we ever question why such admiration felt towards them? The right question should be, would you see him or her differently off the stage…off the reel world? 

    Yes, simply because you would be our best self when the spotlight hits you on stage. At Aemulus, all employees are given a fair chance to shine like a celebrity throughout their tenure. On 21st October 2016, we saw a mind-blowing transformation of engineers and administrators turned professional performers. 

    Given a scenario that ‘Club Emulous’ is real, all of the performing bands would have won the annual contract. Set in the 1920's era, 'Club Emulous' opened its door to guests mysteriously. Behind the curtains unveiled ladies dancing to the cracks of snapping fingers and a lead singer stealing the limelight with the adorned glistening black jewels. 

    With much ooh and aah from the crowd, the night retired to a sudden blast of DJ remix, bringing everyone back to 20th century's clubbing atmosphere.
    A Taiwanese singer in making
    A mind-blowing performance that is almost mistaken for professional
    Twinsies in silver 
    Entrancing ballerinas
    It is 1920's, let's Burlesque
    A cheeky dance with a twist 
    Excited patrons of the club
    Aemulus's Channing Tatum dances to the moves of Raining Man
    The remake of Moulin Rouge's El Tango de Roxanne won the hearts of all 
    Sketch: charming bouncer at work 
    Sketch: Gunmen is caught red-handed 
    Party mood officially starts
    Couples hit the floor pair by pair
    A fancy red head DJ spins till the end of the night
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