• 2018 Symposium & Dinner
    13th October, 2017 @ Equatorial & Park Royal Hotel
    2017 was a year that we kept running, running towards our goals. Some even leaped like a Cheetah! 

    The ‘run’ did not end at work desks, it continued at the annual symposium and dinner. It was not a typical dinner; instead, it was more like a mission-oriented dinner with some twist to it. Each performance was curated to provide hints for an unsolved mystery while each game was set to provide clues for the winning team. 

    Despite themed as ‘Spooky Night’, the atmosphere was anything other than fearful, even the eerie tunnel turned out to be a tunnel of laughter. 

    The only reason to that is, we are Aemulus-ians who are bold, firm, and always playful in our own ‘playground’.
    Symposium is where we reflect past year' s achievements and set new goals company wide for the following year. 
    When a team leader receives a mission card.
    Things we do to surprise each other.
    Is this a joke? It was but they have done too well to be one.
    The clues are in these puzzle pieces.
    Look at those smiles, this happens when a public declaration of love take place, "We love you!"
    'Unlike humans and unlike ghosts', translated from a Chinese saying that best describes this scene
    ...and they are the cheeky emcees of the night.
    Dance & Sketch: What an act, 'how could you betray my trust?' 
    Spooky wigs turn hilarious on the game floor.
    Skinny pants and mysteriously black, these guys groove their ways to the second spot of performance of the night.
    Billboard top song, 'Shape of You' sprinkles lucky dust to this winning team, the singer sings like Ed too. Wow
    We join in the craze too, let's shark dance together from daddy shark to grandma shark.
    Each team player waits in fear of the next move.
    Blindfolded, team members guide their player in search of the last piece of clue.
    The night ends with a blast, literally!
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