• 2019 Symposium & Dinner
    19th October, 2018
    In schools, we began the year with hopes and dreams. Then, we ended the year with rejoicing and parties. However, in Aemulus, we did it all in a day. While parent-teacher meetings happen once a year for the purpose of academic review in school, we have subordinate-management symposium annually. In short, we commemorated outstanding achievers and laid out next-year journey for all. 

    This year, a cross-functional team was applauded for successfully structuring and integrating the company's main functional areas with Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”). ERP is a software system that enables the unification of main functional areas — sales, finance, supply chain, and operation. It was a tedious and long journey; their hard work produced positive advantages and brought forth major convenience for the whole company. 

    The symposium ended with lunch. In the evening, not only did we dress to half our age, we also went through a whole new experience of school life. The annual dinner organising committee has transformed Aemulus into Aemulus International School for Overgrown Kids (AISOK) for a night. 

    We had a fair share of nerds, jocks and rebels, who took turns to draw attention from prefects, teachers and even the headmaster. Pop quiz sessions were as entertaining as the Running Man as participants started to show their true colours in competing for a chance to score for their teams. A string of activities — house cheers, riddles, pop quizzes, and detentions summed up a final score for each team at the end of the night. 30 minutes to midnight, everyone cheered for a “graduation” photo, needless to say, the winning team — House of Wakamono had the widest smile.
    A group of prefects takes the lead — sings the National Anthem, State Anthem, and school anthem in sequence. 
    Girls just like to chat when the teacher is away.
    Boys like to intimidate for fun sometime.
    A school is often incomplete without jocks.
    Puppy love often draws the most attention in schools.
    Fights over marks, being competitive in school is normal.
    Detention time for the delinquents. 
    K-pop moves to woo the girls, it works!
    Some friends are made for life. 
    AISOK's school term ends with a Prom Night too!
    One of our employees write, compose and sing us a song. 
    Final dance-off to score for each houses — Wakamono, Sawadee, Gangnam and Knights.
    2 groups of newbie performers win for their impeccable musical theatrical performance!
    Their months of hard work pays off, the organising committee and helpers rejoice at the end of the night.
    Few minutes before midnight, the organising committee speeds off happily.
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