• 2020 Symposium & Dinner
    18th October, 2019
    In medical terms, the backbone is described as a series of vertebrae extending from the skull to the pelvis. In the context of a work environment, each vertebrae represents the supporting and functional departments in an organisation, and in these departments, lies a group of employees. Hence, making employees the backbone of a company. 

    Out of 365 days, employees spend more than 260 days at work, and it is important that they feel a sense of belonging for their workplace. In addition to the company’s simple work culture of a non-competitive appraisal system, Aemulus also organises company-wide staff engagement activities to remind all employees that it is important to continuously stretch one’s limit, and of course to experience fun things in life. 

    Having a go at disco dance, testing one's voice pitch, or even mimicking martial arts' moves might just be helpful to boost one's self-confidence professionally!

    Come on baby, let's move those feet!
    The night kick-starts with a 20-minute military comedy leaving the audience in stitches
    A theatrical performance with beautiful recitations of the legendary Tan Sri P. Ramlee's poems
    With her strong vocal,  she totally nails it with "Bossanova" by Wann
    A storytelling performance  surprises the crowd with a mascot dubbed as the "Young Aemulus Cheetah"
    Their impressive live action performance lands this team the first prize
    A clichéd scene in most Kungfu movies, where a man seeks the ancient manual to attain ultimate strength and power
    A talented engineer with a passion for ancient Chinese culture serenades us with beautiful tunes from a Chinese zither
    Talented engineers on stage as a keyboard pianist, Chinese violinist, and guitarist cum singer perform a mini gig
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