• Amoeba® 4100-D
    Small-Signal Discrete Tester
    Amoeba® series, AMB4100 is specifically designed for small-signal discrete devices testing.

     It is the world fastest discrete tester with a test time of <40ms for transistors and <20ms for diodes. 

    With true multi-site test capability, you can hook up with up to 127 AMB4100's to achieve the highest throughput.
    • Fastest discrete tester in the industry

    • Unmatchable test time of <40ms for transistors and <20ms for diodes

    • True multi-site testing, up to unmatchable 127 simultaneous sites with >95% efficiency 

    • Modular and highly scalable design, don’t pay for what you don’t need (for now) 

    • Seamless extension of test resources and test sites, add-on whenever you need 

    • Flexible tester-handler configuration – index-parallel, test-time division, multi-sites on single handler, etc 

    • Independent test flows running on one screen for independent tester-handler operation 

    • Industry’s leading discrete vectorization (AVEC-D) to optimize test time and eliminate O/S latency
    AMB4100-D architecture provides the highest flexibility for integration to wafer probers and final test handlers. 

    Configuration 1 - Single Handler

    True Parallelism Multi-site testing where all devices can be tested in parallel. Index parallel can be achieved by splitting test parameters in cases where handler indexing time > tester test time.

    Configuration 2 - Dual Handler

    Ping Pong Testing can be achieved where DUT is tested on 1 handler while another handler is indexing. Single tester with the capability to produce twice the UPH compared to single handler configuration.
    Configuration 3 - Quad Handler

    Optimized Test Cost with 4x UPH achieved by a single tester configuration. Saves production floor space, improves maintenance and achieving the lowest CoT (Cost of Test)

    techFlow 2.0 Software
    • Sequencing algorithm for maximum testing performance 

    • Supports multiple instances for multi-site testing 

    • Supports parameterized test item for enhanced flexibility and reduced test program recompilation frequency 

    • Role-Based Permission Matrix for more fine-grained permission control 

    • Enhanced APIs to support test name abstraction allowing more generic test programs 

    • Supports UUT number management from techFlow

    AVEC-D Compiler 1.0
    • Supports patent-pending Analog Vectors Discrete (AVEC-D) for increased testing performance 

    • Supports compile-time Tcl-script-based variables and control constructs like if…else, for loop, etc. for enhanced productivity 

    • Command line-based compiler enables batch processing and invoking from within test programs

    AMB4100-D Hardware

    AMB4100-D Head Amp Module
    • Integrated relay and control modules 

    • Placed near to DUT for optimized test setup and easy cabling maintenance.
    • 400V (max) with 12 voltage ranges 

    • 3A (max) with 9 current ranges 

    • High accuracy – Minimum of 0.1% of range 0.1% of reading 

    • Optimized low current measurement down to pA levels

    • 15-bits force/sense resolution Kelvin sensing 

    • 110-240V Input Voltage, 50-60Hz 

    • Relay switching time as low as 1ms 

    • 20ms (50Hz)/ 16.67ms (60Hz) software selectable integration time
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