• Amoeba® 7600-S
    RF Front End Devices Tester
    Amoeba® series, AMB7600-S is the 3rd generation of Radio Frequency (RF) Front End Module (FEM) tester from Aemulus.

    It now embeds RealSmart Test Environment that strives to provide the Most Optimal Cost Ever for the next-generation leading edge RF devices and allowing users to enjoy analytical tools, predictive analytics and other interesting features in the near future. 

    With the latest architecture, Aemulus is committed to provide the most cost competitive platform with the ability to scale the current test platform to cover more complex RF devices. 

    With the ever changing landscape in current RF Front End Market, the test paradigm is no longer having the fastest and most cost efficient system. 

    Instead it boils down to getting the test platform to provide better intelligence, robust predictive algorithms, hence preserving the best Operating Equipment Efficiency (OEE).
    • Multi-Instance Production Software 
    • Multi-Test-Site Configurations 
    • Flexible RF Accessories Integration 
    • Test Object Library (TOL) - Easy Development-to-Production Migration 
    • Multi-Instruments Support
    RF  Functionality 
    • Up to 64 RF Ports with multisite capabilities 
    • Standard Frequency Range of 6GHz with 
    • Extended Measurement Capability of up to 20GHz. 
    • Single or Parallel Measurement Support 
    • Full Source and Measure Capability
    • Vector Network Analyzer Capability 
    • Full Modulation Support 
    • Two-Tone Source Support
    Be Smart, Embrace the RealSmart RF Test Environment
    AMB7600-S is officially launched at SEMICON Taiwan 2017 on September 14th, 2017!
    RealSmart Industry 4.0 Framework
    Considered as the most important and critical differentiator, Aemulus has embedded the Smart Manufacturing software framework into this test platform. The backbone architecture has been designed to support some of the critical pillars within the Industry 4.0 framework. 
    RealSmart Hardware Abstraction Technology (HAT)
    RealSmart HAT allows AMB7600-S to configure RF Subsystem freely. With RealSmart HAT embedded in the RF platform, any RF instrument can be integrated and configured. 

    This flexibility has unlocked a unique advantage which not only relieving customers from depending solely on one vendor but, maximizing portability efficiency by maintaining the same test program across different RF instrumentations.
    RealSmart Virtualized Tester (VT)

    The RealSmart Virtualized Tester works in a way where one physical tester can be expanded into multiple logical testers. Each tester will have its own set of virtualized resources to run multiple devices independently. 

    Within this framework, Aemulus leverages on the FPGA advantages by having specific test processors to perform tasks in a parallel manner without relying on typical CPU processing method.
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