Aemulus’ Micro-Expo 2023

22 May 2023

“Is Aemulus having a booth at SEMICON SEA 2023?”

This was a common conversation starter in most interactions with people of the same industry when SEMICON SEA 2023 was approaching closely.

“No. But we are having our very own in-house exhibition booth.”

That is Aemulus’ Micro-Expo 2023.

When our CEO first proposed the idea, a sense of nervousness overwhelmed us. “Will we be able to make it a success?” That was our chief concern. Carnival-like was the theme we were leaning towards. We wanted our guests who visit us to go home feeling energised and recharged.

We started working on our masterplan. Photobooth, Game, Mocktail, Durian Stations etc were the highlights. Our Photobooth standees were designed with style; Games were meticulously crafted to ensure that ANYONE can play – the game rules were the bare minimum. And the Gifts to be redeemed were carefully thought out with 5 categorisation – (1) Reminiscing our Childhood, (2) Aemulus Merchandise, (3) For the Ladies!, (4) Tingling Relaxation and (5) Get Fit!

Taking into factor that most of our guests are foreigners and with durians being the must-try fruit of Malaysia, premium species durians that are savoury in taste were specifically selected. We wanted our guests to have the best durian-tasting experience – especially those who have never tried.

The 5-day event went by in a fleet. The day starts off with our pumped yet enthusiastic helpers ready to welcome the guests which then move on to loud cheers and laughter and bags of goodies with extremely pleased smiles displayed on their faces. The latest hit music reverberated our Lower Walhalla Hall, and cups of brightly-mixed mocktails filled the Bar Station.

Needless to say, the most anticipated of all is none other than the Gift Redemption Station! Number of collectible stickers were the deciding factor of the type of gifts redeemable.

Nothing but positive feedback was received by our guests. They were all equally amazed at the ideology behind it and the effort in putting it together to perfection. A quick chat with several guests and one of them mentioned “I really liked how you guys curated this event, the flow of it and everything was commendable.” Others were impressed with our arrangement and complimented our hospitality and the happiness they witnessed in our staff.

As our CEO, Sang Beng quoted “We’ve participated in SEMICON exhibition in all over the world for the past 10 years and this year, we have the most participants, happy participants.”