[Sparks of Light for the Underprivileged] Glass Museum and Boutique Aquarium with Children Protection Society

19 July 2023

It’s the time of the month again! Tagging along the little ones from Children’s Protection Society. Our first pitstop was Glass Museum Penang. The day began with an overcast and light rain but that did not dampen the spirits of the kids.

Gliding past the glistening recycled glass pieces that sparkles with the reflection of light and fancy artworks that adorn the entire space, the kids were thrilled. A guide was present to give a history lesson on the inception of their glass factory and how were different type of glasses manufactured in their premises.

With a huge selection of designs to choose from, the kids’ glass crafting class was the icing of the cake as it allows them to get creative with painting. Tracing the outline detailing, the kids were able to replicate the drawings and the finish work was an art.

After a lunch break, we ventured to The Top’s Boutique Aquarium – it was an eye-opener learning about the marine flora and fauna for both adults and kids alike. The kids had a great time discussing with one another the marine species’ size, eating habits, and memorising the names of it!

So, check out our short clip to see what went down!