[Sparks of Light for the Underprivileged] Tech Dome Penang with Ru Yi Home

28 June 2023

This time around, we are off to Tech Dome Penang alongside the energetic and high-spirited kids of Ru Yi Home.

As we venture through a myriad of mini games that spans across a large hall that also resembles a technology exhibition, we explored the test of magnetic fields, laser beams, drone simulators…and a ton of play-based yet educational games to stimulate focus, curiosity and most importantly, encourages fun learning! We even had the opportunity to witness a drone display show that flew to the rhythm of the music with the flashes of neon-coloured lights interchanging throughout. 

It was also interesting to see how the little ones catch on easily what was told by the tour guide. Taking orders of their teachers at all times also demonstrated the disciplined side of them which was commendable. The visit has been nothing but fun-filled as quoted by one of the little ones.

Oh – and check out how these little ones customized their very own keychain whilst experimenting with 3D pens!