[Sparks of Light for the Underprivileged] Tree Planting with Ru Yi Home

28 August 2023

Participating in the community-based MARS Project driven by Pop and Chee Healthy Farming, we had our hands soil-coated with the kids of Ru Yi Home at Balik Pulau!

Driving through the winding and steep roads of Balik Pulau, we arrived at the greenery of trees and plants are unfamiliar to us. The road to their entrance was a rocky pathway, the mastermind behind Pop and Chee Healthy Farming, Lady Chee began her sharing by questioning the kids “the purpose of planting a tree”. It made our minds run and had us thinking – why are we here today?

It came as a realisation to all of us – it wasn’t just about “planting a tree”.

It is about grasping the fact and the alarming issue of ‘global boiling’ and how planting trees are necessary but it also boils down to understanding how our daily practices would affect our Earth and ecosystem as a whole.

The rate of harming is accelerating at a rapid speed but many are still in oblivion of the current state we are at. Hence, sustainability education is fundamental for the younger generation as it is pivotal in shaping their mindset from an early age!

Lady Chee later went on to provide us a detailed run through of the MARS Project they had envisioned and shared their goals. As the briefing ended, the kids jump straight into the hoeing, fertilising, planting and watering the newly planted banana tree.    

Despite the scorching sun hampering the productivity of the kids, most of them managed to plant at least two trees which was absolutely applause-worthy!

Find out how well the kids did in our highlight video below!