Symposium 2023

20 October 2022

After two (long) years of hiatus, our impending annual Symposium is back at it again!

With a magical twist of events, the theme revolves around Disney: Enchanted Night. Twirl around in your princessy dress like Belle or boots up like Woody under the glistening starry night.

Adorned with fairy lights, Disney-characters filled the Grand Ballroom and Aladdins from the multiverse gathered in the same universe! Say WHAT?!                            
Mad Hatter, Woody, Shrek, Princess Jasmine and many more were set free by a magic spell and roamed the human’s world freely on that Enchanted Night! It was a sight to behold and a moment to remember. 

Not to mention that our Nightfall Euphoria has witnessed some of our very talented staff setting the stage ablaze with their astounding vocals, over-the-top costumes, witty play, and swag dance moves!