Symposium 2023

20 October 2022

Yes, finally!

After two (long) years of hiatus, our impending annual Symposium is back at it again! It was more than just a gathering, but a time-honored tradition that brought us closer together. 

The sun shone brightly in the sky, casting a warm and welcoming glow to all who basked in its rays. The event started as early as 7.00 am with our iconic count of people present in that space. “Satu, Dua, Tiga…” those who missed the count are summoned to a quick dip in the morning pool.  The warmth of the Sun and the coolness of the ocean breezing on their skin awaken the senses of the sleepyheads. The glistening sea was welcoming but everyone dreaded getting themselves drenched. Everyone was divided into groups, headed by a helper who will convey the game rules to the participants and be timekeeper. Tag and run, be the tallest and occupy the biggest space were some of the games.

Daybreak Conference

After several rounds of simple yet intense games, here comes the Daybreak Conference, where all staff assembles to learn about the directives of the Company in the upcoming year. The conference was kicked off with an appreciation speech from our CEO which then transformed into an impassioned speech about the company’s vision for the future, outlining the company’s goals and objectives for the coming years. Confidence was installed, and spirits were triggered. The atmosphere was electrified with anticipation with all the screams of “Aye! Aye! Captain!”

Bringing the magic of Disney into REALITY! 

Fast forward to the most anticipated time of the day – Nightfall Euphoria! With a magical twist of events, the theme revolves around Disney: Enchanted Night. Twirl around in your princessy dress like Belle or boots up like Woody under the glistening starry night. Everyone had dressed up in their finest attire, eager to see what the evening had in store. Adorned with fairy lights, Disney-characters filled the Grand Ballroom and Aladdins from the multiverse gathered in the same universe! 
Mad Hatter, Woody, Shrek, Princess Jasmine and many more were set free by a magic spell and roamed the human’s world freely! It was a sight to behold and a moment to remember. 

The night began with an opening act by our 10-member committee. Dancing to the light music of Cyndi Wang’s biggest hit song “Ai Ni” and get ‘Levitated’ by Dua Lipa. It was a perfect start to the starry night. “Being a part of the organising committee, those stress and countless hours of preparation were all worth it by witnessing the bond, unity, engagement, excitement and dedication of employees towards the event”, said Kei.

With a 360-degree transition of mood, the indoor atmosphere has dampened. It is the Universe of Madness. Their costumes were on point – werewolves, mummies, Harry Potter, skeleton etc. The tension in the theatre was almost unbearable, as everyone held their breath, waiting to see what would happen. It was the perfect replication of characters and everyone was in awe. The drama performance exuded an electrifying energy and brought the stage to life.

Now here comes the next dance group that ‘glows in the dark’ with their black suit. Their skeleton-like costume, paired with their straightforward dance moves was an eye-catcher especially when the neon lights flashed and changed colours in perfect sync with the music. As the music reached a crescendo, the dance transformed into a display of fluidity and grace, captivating the audience’s attention immediately. They were the one of the most determined groups to 545k (fight for 5k), – an award from our CEO to the best performance group!

Continuing to the next team, audiences witnessed a beautiful rendition of ‘A Whole New World’ from the Disney movie ‘Aladdin’. The voices of the performers blended together seamlessly, evoking a sense of pure magic and wonder. However, they also displayed a contrasting image with their rather tough persona with a “Poisonous Snake” dance by one of our popular local artists. The performance was so impactful that it gave rise to the ‘Ah Beng’ and ‘Ah Lian’ meme that continues to endure today.

During the short interval, a Trick or Treat game was organized where employees searched for hidden items around the room. It’s either a game of luck or a dare stunt. Those who were in luck were rewarded with gift vouchers, while others who stumbled upon punishment vouchers had to eat wasabi-filled biscuits or pop balloons as penalties! 

As the audiences get settled, the suspenders-looking group of men set the mood for the audiences by recapping on the journey Aemulus has been through over the years. It ended with an emotionally-charged singing performance after depicting the company’s highs and lows which deeply moved the audiences.

The emotional moments dissipated instantly when Rock Solid All Stars team set the stage ablaze with a nice blend of Korean, Indian and English songs in their performance. They launched into their perfectly choreographed routine and was hyped up by the upbeat choice of songs! Reflecting on the past experience, Ryan emphasized that the energy and enthusiasm from the audience created a fantastic atmosphere, and the opportunity to entertain the crowd was incredibly fulfilling. It was a memorable experience that left him with a sense of joy and gratitude for being part of such a wonderful Symposium.

And to reminisce the high school days, we have the final team to showcase their short skit. It was comedic to say the least, with some men dressed in pinafores and hair wigs. The audience erupted in cheers and laughter as the performers took to the stage, showcasing their praiseworthy acting and setting the tone for a night of uproarious laughter.

Drawing Drapes

As the night drew to a close, there was a special performance by our CEO and his three other “Big Bang” members. It was a moment to remember with audiences singing and humming along to the tunes. Happy moments are always short-lived. Exhilaration, exhaustion and enthusiasm were the mixed emotions that pretty much sums up the night. It was a day (and night) to be cherished, a moment in time when all was right with the world and nothing seemed impossible. “It surprisingly marks an unforgettable experience in my life, that I could brag to people that how different this culture is”, said Yang. No deny, it was one of the best Symposiums we ever had.