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    About Aemulus
    Aemulus is defined as “to be equal or better than competitors, or to emulate,” and “to eliminate competitors, usually by killing.” 

    The name is self-explanatory; a group of engineers distinguished the significant process oblivious to many which has become the ultimate ‘weapon’ of semiconductor industry. 

    Aemulus’s innovation is none other than a type of disruptive technology which positively disrupts existing market since 2004.
    Starting with Avalanche architecture as the base development platform, Aemulus designed semiconductor testers for the automatic test equipment (ATE) market, focusing on discrete, power, linear and mixed-signal semiconductor devices. 

    During the early days, most of the testers are customized for specific test applications with a similar platform. Due to the flexibility and re-configurability features rendered by FPGAs, Aemulus was able to add-in new functional blocks or intellectual property cores (IPs) to the test systems with ease and speed.

    By the end of 2007, Aemulus successfully transformed its business model to fabricating own standard products. In 2009, Aemulus officially launched its 4th generation tester, Amoeba 4100-D which comfortably claims to be one of the world fastest discrete testers up to this day. 

    And the story continues…
    The philosophy of product designing lies in the emphasis of creativity in technology. 

    Instead of face-lifting former design, paired up with unconventional thinking, research and development yielded new products - a distinctive product that will lead competitors in technology industry.
    Despite being a semiconductor test maker, Aemulus highly values relationship building with customers via pre and post sales activities. 

    Customers are the hidden gem of every trade, any forms of communication with customers will generate ideas and constructive feedback which eventually led to better products, service and branding.
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