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    The spirit of entrepreneurship runs deep in our founders' blood. Last year, we reached out to local startups via an incubation programme initiated by us, Second Startup- Powered by Aemulus. 

    This year, we endeavoured to evoke teens' interest in entrepreneurship via the First International Camp in Kuala Lumpur, Game Changers Camp 2017 carried out by Young Outliers who has run a series of camps and workshops in Silicon Valley. 

    This innovative summer camp promotes, "Dare to dream. Dare to build. Dare to fail and persevere" resonated with our company culture. In fact, we often described our workplace as a playground. A playground for us to explore, learn from mistakes and chase after our goals with passion. 

    By sponsoring this programme, we hope to make an impact on the young and energetic that it is never too early to start exploring the spirit of entrepreneurship.  After all, it is a valuable skill to have!

    The camp starts by gauging the participants understanding of value of money, labour and resources.
    This camp encourages creativity without boundary, sees participants share their views and ideas without qualms.
    The spirit of entrepreneurship does not discriminate age.
    The fun includes a trip to one of the coolest offices in Kuala Lumpur; Google!
    Dolphin Tank: A team of three pitching about helping young graduates decide their tertiary education to the judges.
    (Left to Right) Gigi Carunungan, co-Founder and Chief Learning Architect of YoungOutliers introduces judges of Dolphin Tank,
    Dr Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director of the Sunway Education Group and Sunway University; Dato’ Ng Wan Peng, Chief Operating Officer of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC); Ng Sang Beng, Chief Executive Officer of Aemulus; Ivan Teh, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Fusionex; and Chok Kwee Bee, Senior Independent Non-Executive Director/Chairman of Aemulus Corporation.
    YoungOutliers' mentors Gigi Carunungan, Steve Hsia,  Thomas Varghese  and all of the participants cheer on with the winning team before they bid long goodbye to each other.
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