• History of Aemulus
    by Eleen Chen
    Eleen Chen, an engineer, a coffee lover and an amateur writer, retell the history of Aemulus. 

    She put the story in a way that is as raw as possible, without adding bombastic adjectives to the persons, or including flamboyant adverb to the actions the pioneers took. 

    Passion -- Persistent -- Excel
    In 2004, 3 professional engineers of MNCs (located in the "Silicon Valley" of Malaysia - Penang) got themselves together to discuss about their future and dreams.
    It wasn’t a clear path to the 3 of which field to enter to until they discovered their strength and capability on building testers for the semiconductor.
    When times were dark, thoughts of giving up clouded their logical thinking and uneasy heart.
    But, passion and persistency are the elements that bring them to where they are today – excel in its field of designing testers to serve the semiconductor market. Just like the cheetah!

    Aemulus, a leading company on producing tester to the Automotive Test Equipment (ATE) market, specializes on discrete, power, linear, radio frequency (RF) and mixed-signal semiconductor device with the aim in speed and accuracy. 


    It's passion and persistency which propel the company to the next level over and over, years over years. 

    In 2004, 3 professional engineers got together to discuss about their future and dreams. All it begins with the change of environment over their last employment, where room of creativity and innovation has been limited. 

    The founder and chief executive officer – Sang Beng, took an immediate change by deciding to start up their own company.

    For the first 6 months, they were all around looking for money and investors. The pressure gets higher when time and money were not their allies. 

    The Name
    An interesting thing to note is on the selection of the company name back in 2004. 
    At that point of time, when Sang Beng and Chee Keong were discussing about which name to choose for the company, a few names popped up, all deriving from the word "emulate":



    At the end, "Aemulus" was chosen. 

    AM330, One of the Earlier Creation of Aemulus, Low Current Source and Measure Unit

    AM371, Another One of the Earlier Creation of Aemulus, High Current Source and Measure Unit. Usually pairs with AM330
    But their passion on building a business and persistency of making a change to their life pushed them forward and brings them their very first order - it was to design a semiconductor tester in 6 months which they have no prior experience to.
    It wasn’t a challenge for the engineers to understand what was expected to deliver. But it was for them to build a physical machine from scratch with their limited experience. 
    Nothing seems working after all the brainstorming session, discussion and coming up ideas until they finally discovered FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) architecture.

    All their ideas and designs are able to link and turn the impossible mission to a success by deliver the product in promised time frame, 6 months. 

    There were not only tears and sleepless nights. But also immobilize heart as no one believe or give confidence to their capabilities.

    For the first 3 years, they build their products to their orders and all purchase orders came in without the product. 

    “We did it right the first time. And because we found the right platform and the right architecture, we could continue to enhance it until today.” Shee Kian, chief technology officer of Aemulus Explained.

    Today, the whole team and company shatter the world with their strong believe in carefully design the product creatively with accuracy and speed consistently in mind. 

    Aemulus is profitable since day one and the annual average growth rate is 70% for the past seven years. Its strong revenue growth was spotted and recognized by Deloitte and being awarded with Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific.
    Aemulus gets them, three times in a row!

    Amoeba 1320, the Second Generation Tester, a.k.a. "Blue Box". Calling it the World Smallest Tester and the First to Use USB 2.0. Launched in 2006

    Aemulus’s success story by all means will continue. Their results are marked by their commitment towards innovation and customer satisfaction. 

    With their strong belief in their design philosophy - focusing on accuracy and speed, they are on their way towards building a premium company, as defined by their chief executive officer.
    I am pretty sure about that.
    By Eleen Chen
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