• Living Your Work
    What do you call home and a learning ground? Playground. That’s right!  You heard us right.  We are here to explore,  learn,  push our limits,  and eventually living our day to the fullest. 

    Are you not living your work now?

    Find out how different are we?


    The Game Changer
    Disruptive innovation is the key to this possibility.
    Founders of Aemulus have distinguished an underdeveloped market early and took a leap of faith to strive in this niche market.  Our innovation has contributed to creating convenient and low-cost solutions to the market.  Ultimately,  change the lives of many.
    How We Do Set Us Apart
    The fear of failure is not foreign to us.  In fact, many of us do have such fear dwelling in our mind at some point in our lives. 

    At Aemulus,  we will turn your fear into fuel by making mistakes.  Like a child,  you will be given a chance to learn,  fall and most importantly,  grow.
    Growth is highly evaluated at Aemulus – 30% of staff annual appraisal will be evaluated based on past year performance individually. 

    Axiom goes by perfection lies in imperfection -making mistakes is the cornerstone of attaining success.
    Who We are Together Make Us a Family
    Out of 24 hours, you spend your most prime eight hours away from your family to provide an ideal life for them.  With that, we want to make sure your hours are well spent.  Waste not on office politics, career-climbing backstabbing and pointless meetings. 
    Within the walls of Aemulus,  we prefer face-to-face communication over virtual communication.  Forget about ding-dong emails.  We take a few steps (by the way, are you counting your steps with a smartwatch?) to solve our daily puzzles.  You will be amazed by the number of puzzles you can solve over those chit-chats.
    “A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”
    - Mahatma Gandhi -
    Join Our Culture
    • Are you aggressive? 
    • Are you a rule-bender? 
    • Are you anti office politics? 
    • Are you open to exploration? 

    All in the name of achieving greater things…please contact us with your desired position.
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