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    Second Startup-Powered by Aemulus, a boot camp for early-stage startups specialising in IoT and Fintech has officially kickstarted its accelerator programme for seven startups.
    Spearheaded by Aemulus with Secretariat Te4p, this boot camp was made possible with co-organisers; The Coding Shophouse and Khazanah Nasional, and many like-minded partners. 

    The Second Startup was unlike many accelerators programme, all startups were stationed in incubators at Khazanah Nasional Penang Office. This approach was set to resume the sense of entrepreneurship from their initial startup experience. Mentors were carefully assigned to each startup to maximise each startup’s growth. The right mentor with relevant field of expertise could break one startup free from a growth gridlocked. Subsequently, strategically scale one up all the way to gaining traction.

    Second Startup was initiated by Aemulus with an aim to elevate the landscape of local entrepreneurship. It is not hard to find accelerator programmes in Penang but what will happen to startups who fell between the cracks upon graduation? That is what Second Startup is all about. ” said Sang Beng, CEO of Aemulus and Malaysian Endevour Entrepreneur.
    Unlike typical incubators, Second Startup did not take up equity of any participating startups. All startups were free to pitch and pave their own group’s equity with any potential investors. The 12 weeks of mentors infused incubation saw seven startups experiencing a metamorphosis, from team’s culture, product viability, design conceptualisation, to management.
    This boot camp has received enormous supports from partners: Brinc, Braintree, Captii Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures, Imagineering Institute, Fusionex, IoT Solutions, Next Money, Innovate Malaysia 2016, Dreamcatcher, Microsoft Malaysia, Cytron Technologies, SeedPlus and Gurl Studio.
    7 teams who are reviving their startups via Second Startup:

    A private event was held on December 2nd, gathering investors, sponsors, partners, and startups all under one roof.  The event saw great growth from all startups mainly in business direction and marketing strategy. With insights and advice from mentors, all startups have fine-tuned their products technically and packaged them based on market needs. 
    A pitch and product showcase by BAWA Daniel Vong.
    Sector: IoT 

    Assistive technology for the visually impaired - a smart walking stick for the blind which can detect objects and surrounding obstacles via voice guidance from the smartphone.
    A pitch and product showcase by Monji Benjamin Chuang.
    Monji Recycle Machine
    Sector: IoT

    Effective recycling starts at the source with a smart recycle bin, which can detect and segregate between aluminium tins and plastic bottles. Best, this smart bin can notify the recycling centre when it is full.
    Product showcase by KAWAVILA Shahrulnizam Mat Rejab
    Sector: IoT 

    Remotely control and monitor home electrical appliances as well as security and locks. With savings in mind, it is designed to forecast its usage of electricity which ultimately lead to a peace of mind.
    Product showcase by Pantori Edward Soo.
    Sector: IoT

    Smart inventory tracking can lead to better profit for all food & beverage business. The weight system enables better management of stocking perishable and non-perishable food.
    Poladrone Yew Hock and Yong Guan display their drone which will benefit agriculture management through their customers. 
    Sector: IoT

    An autonomous hybrid drone – capable of flying, hovering and covering a pre-set coordinates for a longer period of time.
    MaiBasuh Azhari Haron  explains his business model to one of the mentors, Charles Thomas from The Imagineering Institute.
    Sector: IoT

    Mobile services have extended beyond parcels and food to car washing. An equipped bike travels to the requestors’ location based on orders placed through a mobile app.
    A pitch by SAMS Ooi Eng Ling in redefining customers insurance portfolios management.
    Sector: FinTech

    A one-stop system for all insurance agents - converging multiple insurance companies portfolio of a client with this online system. Ultimately, enabling agents to track and manage clients request in an effective and timely manner.
    Our CEO Ng Sang Beng welcomes all invited guests and congratulates the seven teams of startup.
    A panel discussion on "Investing in Tech Startup" by fellow mentors.
    Team Aemulus, it is after all a programme powered  by Aemulus.
    Cheers to our appointed Secretariat Te4P led by Curry Khoo.
    Fellow startups "graduating" from this accelerator with much confidence and are motivated to bring it to their next level.
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