• Internal Futsal Match
    Vying for Good Fun
    A feeling of Déjà vu washed over many of us on August 9th, 2016 as we surrounded the court for our internal futsal match. The final match saw a roaring fierce competition between France and Portugal. Alike UEFA European Championship 2016, these two teams struck hard and defended steadily all the way until the last minute. With a twist of event, the scoreboard chalked a new result, Portugal 1-2 France.

    Organisers flanked by Top Scorer(s)

    Italy 0-1 Croatia.
    Italy players try their very best to halt Croatia's goal.
    Head-butting in action.
    Second goal by Belgium.
    Belgium's win over Croatia, make way to Semi Final!
    Members of France smile gleefully over their last minute victory goal!
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