Wellness in mind, body and soul

Saying it in words…

“Pump-up-your dopamine” is the encouraging sentence that prompted the establishment of A-Spartan. A simple objective with great impact.

A-Spartan is our series of in-house and external activities planned all year long. It engages everyone at Aemulus to actively participate in sports with the basis of an active lifestyle is the key to greater well-being, as well as fostering greater sportsmanship and character.

Putting it in action…

Talk about cycling through nature, yoga on the rooftop, badminton / pool / ping pong tournaments, and the list goes on…

Our in-house gym room (we named it Süleyman), is the headquarters of A-Spartan. The place is frequently occupied by our sports enthusiasts or staff who are looking to cut some weight.

A myriad of activities is also organised from time-to-time in hopes to strike a balance between work and fun for our staff.

A-Spartan Wellness Program