ESG Pledge

Our lifelong commitment to a greater cause

Saying it in words…

The term ESG has resonated very close to our hearts in recent years. It’s always at the corner of our mouths.

The ESG Pledge is the strong commitment that Aemulus upholds, the puzzles that we continue to piece together one at a time. We recognise this as a lifelong journey that has no ending, only endless new beginnings.

Putting it in action…

The past few years have seen our ESG begin with a sprouting bud… within a mere few years, it has grown exponentially. We believe in taking little steps as progressive growth is more sustainable in time to come.

ESG comes in many forms – it can be miniature or impactful; it can be behavioural or architecture; it can be awareness or initiative. We started with micro-things like getting rid of sugar, banning the use of plastic in our packaging, removing the marital status in our Job Application Form, and promoting dopamine-inducing activities, just to name a few.

Education of ESG to our employees is still ongoing with the organising of events, educational bulletins, and the implementation of incentive-based recycling system.

We Pledge, We Deliver.
It will be a long journey, but there’s no turning back in our Pledge.