That's a whole lotta channel!

AMB5600 let you have the hardest PUNCH!

On one side, we give you 18 slots of super flexible mix-and-match test functions; on the other side, we let you have 1,536 digital or 576 DPS channels. Use it for SoC, MCU, IoT and connectivity test solutions.

It has its own mind and soul to ensure the best system performance, product quality and productivity.

Multi-Functional &

Cost Effective

You can have AMB5600 stuffed with high port count DC, RF, analog and mixed-signal resources into the 18 slots. Make full use of techFlow™ test executive software to take control of these massive test resources, to optimize your productivity. Split tests, parallel, index-parallel, multi-sites, direct docking, etc., you name it.

The Differentiator:
  • A complete range of DC, Analog, Digital,  RF and mixed-signal test resources
  • Very high density test channels
  • Direct dock (and soft dock) solution