• Nearly 200 years later...
    ...she is awaken.

    Napoléon Bonaparte once said, “China is a sleeping dragon. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.”

    The world is turning to China for automobiles and gadgets. According to Ernst & Young, China is now world's top market for smartphones, PCs and cars. 

    A microscopic view of the above mentioned items has revealed front end modules such as power amplifier, switch, antenna tuner, etc. In fact, these modules falls within our expertise in the industry of automated test equipments! 

    We specialise in RF, Digital, Mixed Signal, Analog and Discrete testers. Hop over  here for more information. 
    According to Nielsen, China has the most mobile users in the world.
    Our presence at SEMICON China 2016
    Booth 2489, Hall N2
    Aemulus is ready to fight!
    Cheetah stole the show in Shanghai!
    Being exceptional has always been our approach. Less is more; we are the minimalist who simplify and spur industrial bottleneck after all. 

    As published by SJ Insights, a research done by Media Dynamics has shown that only 12 advertisements remained in one’s mind, a fraction from an average number of 5000 advertisements exposure in a day. 

    Amongst 889 exhibitors, we were definitely one of the 12! We stole the limelight with our majestic cheetah stood high and tall above many. Majority approached our booth with much curiosity and further intrigued by the delicate details of the sturdy structure, AMB 4600. Cheetah’s still stare reflected our solid products, most common unconscious gestures caught among visitors while inspecting AMB 4600 were hand-gripping, followed by intense squinting of test head. 

    AMB 4600, a reconfigurable automated test platform is a resemblance of a beauty. A beautiful lady get good attention whereas our beauty get maximum patience from all enquirers while our consultants walked them through all about her. Most asked questions were found to be similar with our last tradeshow in San Francisco, please view here.

    Attention successfully captured. 
    AMB4600 draws crowds.
    Visitors question the architecture of AMB4600.

    SEMICON China partner media completes  filming AMB4600.
    A visitor reckons his companions over to view this great invention.
    Potential customers get specifications from our consultant.
    Our consultant shows AMB4600 with prober on production floor.
    All of our consultants are attending to queries from different groups of people.
    Amidst the crowd, an attracted onlooker find out more about our company.
    Consultant introduces AM400e series to interested enquirers.
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