• SEMICON Taiwan 2017
    Be Smart, Embrace the RealSmart RF Test Environment
    We are offering a smart solution to the players in semiconductor industry with our RealSmart RF Test Environment. Amidst the two hottest talk of the town; the 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), and Smart Industry, this RF test environment will fulfil your competitive test capabilities and stringent test requirements.

    For the past 15 years, we have worked closely with our customers to meet their overall requirements, which is a one-way route to achieving lesser Cost of Test (CoT). While doing that, we have identified a common stumbling block that affects majority of the industry players. So, the RealSmart RF Test Environment offers a solution to this obstacle with its key features of three; 

    1. RealSmart Hardware Abstraction Technology
    2. RealSmart Industry 4.0 Platform 
    3. RealSmart Virtualized Tester
    Kickstarting the Launch Party with our Far East VIP(s).
    Does anyone still remember 'Congkak' the arithmetic game?
    The Launch Party of the RealSmart RF Test Environment
    Relive the Launch Party from Aemulus Facebook!
    Our Invited VIP(s) from Far East flanked by Chief Executive Officer Ng Sang Beng (on the left), Far East General Manager Sean Lin (second from the right) and Senior Marketing Director Tan E-Chiang (on the right).
    Aemulus is proud of our roots and 'Batik' painting is a piece of art worth sharing with our offshore customers.
    CEO Sang Beng paints the first alphabet of our company logo with flair. 
    Marketers, Sales, Directors, Engineers...all in one team. The fighting spirit of Aemulus!
    Once the crate is unveiled by our VIP(s), crowds swarm over for a look and query. 
    Our Far East GM Sean attends queries from a local reporter and a news coverage is eventually published on the same day. 
    AMB4600 on showcased shares similar attention as AMB7600-S.
    We are happy that MIDA visits on this special occasion. 
    We sincerely appreciate our invited VIP(s) who have celebrated this launch party with us. 
    SEMICON Mascot Jing-Jing drop by our booth on the first day of SEMICON show. 
    Attending to a tech blogger who streams live feeds of the SEMICON show. 
    We are thrilled that two of our shareholders take the effort to fly in and pay us a visit. 
    A constructive conversation shared between competitors.
    How does AMB7600-S provide the  RealSmart RF Test Environment? Find out the answer here or contact us. 
    How does the RealSmart RF Test Environment works?
    Find out the answer here or contact us
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