• Showcasing AMB4600
    at SEMICON West 2015
    In mid-July, Aemulus flew half a globe to showcase our latest innovation, AMB4600 for the eyes of like-minded across continents. As a company operating in a niche within a niche industry, Aemulus has been successful at creating remarkable test systems for specified market segments ranged from discrete, analogue and RF. 

    With our technology ingredients, Aemulus built AMB4600 to expand into digital and mixed-signal market segment. And, it was officially launched 16 hours away from home at the heart of Silicon Valley, SEMICON West 2015. 

    Throughout the exhibition, we have identified few common questions from the floor and it is in our great interest to share.


    AMB4600 is standing tall at our booth. 
    Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
    Q1: What is this tall guy? 

    It is a digital/mixed-signal tester base – built with PXIe architecture but not limited to extending it into a Hybrid Automated Test Equipment (ATE) by integrating other 3rd party equipment.
    Q2: What are the devices covered by this tester? 

    As a mixed signal tester, it can be configured purely for Digital devices (estimated around 256 pins) or configured solely for mixed-signal devices. 

    Aemulus acknowledged the importance of achieving an optimal cost of test in this industry via AMB7600 which are targeted on the RF Front End Segment. With this, it is our desire to extend this product into a new market segment targeting baseband and transceiver devices, namely, RF SoCs. 

    In short, this is a reconfigurable tester that allows customers to tailor suit/configure the tester to best suits their application in the most cost-effective way.

    Q3: What differs AMB4600 from its competitors (with PXIe based hard docking) and the big iron?

    The whole platform is architected to allow expansion and integration of peripheral modules at the fastest Time to Market (TTM). 

    For example, we have been testing Antenna Switch Modules in a huge volume on our existing test platform - AMB7600. The capability of integrating external high Power Amp boxes enabled us to expand the capabilities of our test system within a very short development timeframe (less than 4 weeks). Likewise, we applied similar architectural framework on AMB4600 - a significant advantage, in fact, comparing to our competitors. All of this is made possible through our software architecture (techFlow) that has been perfected over 8 years. 

    Lastly, as cost is always a prime-concern and delivering lowest Cost of Test solutions to our customers is vital to us, we offer at least 2 types of manipulators base on application and cost.
    Q4. When was AMB4600 launched and has it been adopted by any customer? 

    AMB4600 was officially launched at SEMICON West 2015. In fact, we have been collaborating with one of our key customers to define this tester platform since September 2014. We received a number of enquiries and great interest shown over this product. Today, we have tenths of systems on the production floor.
    Q5. What is the price point for this system? 

    It is almost impossible to state a price point simply because it is configurable based on customers’ need. However, we are looking at the overall Cost of Test’s savings, which include the parallelism achievable through this system which are test time, floor space etc. 

    All in all, adoption by one of our key customers has indirectly validated improvement of test cost by moving from a big iron to our test system. 

    For further enquiry, please contact your respective sales managers or drop us an email at [email protected]
    Visitors explore AMB4600's capabilities with Sang Beng.
    In discussion with business partners.
    In discussion with International Senior Management Team. 
    Interested attendees enthralled by Aemulus' story.
    AMB4600 admired by fellow competitors.
    AMB4600 test system demo draws crowd.
    Among proud Malaysian Companies.
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