• SEMICON West 2019
    What will happen in 5 years time?
    Kevin Ashton, the pioneer of radio frequency identification (RFID) first coined the term Internet of Things (IoT) for his presentation‘s title in 1999 to describe the network connecting objects in the physical world to the Internet. Then the frequency of using this term gradually increases over the years. IoT became the talk of the town whenever a new internet-enabled household appliance is launched. 

    According to Google Trends, this term reached a peak of popularity in 2016. Today, they are innumerable internet-enabled gadgets, from refrigerators, home thermostat, to automobiles. Some consumers are early adopters and some follow suit. Apparently, having a smartphone is not enough; one thing leads to another, owning a smart home and a smart car are inevitable. 

    According to Statista, the total installed base of IoT connected devices was 23.14 billion in 2018. This amount is projected to grow continuously yearly and to reach 75.44 billion in 2025.

    How will it happen? 

    There is a ride-hailing application that connects cars, then it extends to cashless payment, and now it aims to connect all public transportations. From a single application, it connects automobiles, banking, and the government. This is just an example; there will be more inventions to come, to have all of us connected to the Internet anywhere and anytime.
    According to Statista,
    Big or small, we cover it all!
    IoT devices may come in all sizes; as big as an air conditioner or as small as an electrical switch. We have test solutions for all, regardless of the size.
    On display: The all-in-one semiconductor test platform, AMB5600  and  Moridaru Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) on the right.
    Contacts from Taiwan drop by our booth for a brief discussion about IoT market needs and available test solutions.
    An interested party seeks to understand modules combination used in the AXIe chassis.
    The long discussion ends with a rundown on Moridaru.
    Having  a discussion with our local customer after a brief introduction to AMB5600.
    We are glad to be here under this amazing Malaysia Pavilion hosted by MATRADE.
    We are glad to have our esteemed partner with us throughout this show.
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