• Taiwan Office Opening Reception
    Jan 3rd 2017
    The world was counting down to the last second of 2016 while we were counting down to the opening of our Taiwan office. In September 2015, we set a goal to penetrate and widen Far East markets like Taiwan and China. In January 2017, we opened our doors and celebrated New Year with our customers from Far East region. 

    The opening of Taiwan office was more than just an expansion plan worth celebrating; it was planned with our customers in mind. Just a stone's throw away from Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park, our Taiwan office has comfortable space for meetings, workstations and a laboratory. It serves as a satellite laboratory for Far East customers and post-sales and support centre with spares in store. To be specific, customers can conduct test developments with our laboratory facility prior to deployment in subcontractors.

    In fact, the laboratory facility is expected to provide a faster turnaround on customers support in Far East region. Time is the essence of this industry and speed is one of our company philosophies. The mentioned facility allows customers to fix issues without obstructing test running on the production floors. That, to us, is the best support we can render to our customers in times of need.
    Team Aemulus welcomes 2017 happily!
    A casual visit from our customers.
    Customers are briefed by our application engineers in the laboratory.
    Account manager attends to a customer's query on AMB7600.
    Our Far East Region General Manager touches on Aemulus' history.
    The Opening Reception gives surprises to customers with a light presentation on 'The World of Scents.'
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