• The Philosophy
    The Implication of Cheetah
    A static predator ensconced itself next to a withering tree. Camouflaged by the golden fields, occasional movement of its target tripped its heart by a beat, followed by pangs of hunger. 

    Above illustrated scenes of wildlife is no stranger to all of us, we watched with a mingled feelings of excitement and fear focusing on the next hour, minute or second. 

    Reality is, we live in a fast paced society that living in the moment is not in our genes since eons ago. We ought to halt and think for a clearer picture. Most of us eyed for results rather than the steps involved in attaining our goals. Fantasizing on the end consequents to the possibility of yielding to obstacles along the journey. Knowing your starting point and anticipating the process of reaching the end point would yield better result. 

    Simply put, we can create our future today.
    Why Cheetah
    Cheetah 101
    Accuracy: It scanned and secured the hunting perimeter for a successful ambush with its keen eyesight. 

    Speed: It is undeniably the fastest feline in the animal kingdom. 

    Accuracy . Speed

    Accuracy defines how well a tester could source or measure a signal in any form, conforming to the intended or actual value. This is tough, but achievable. 

    Speed defines how fast a tester could run which reduces the test time, and thus increases the throughput. This is tougher, because the reference is a moving target. 

    The question you may have now is, 

    Why is it moving?
    The Moving Target
    The proliferation of connectivity worldwide has open up the floodgates for smart-gadgets. Being connected 24/7 has become a trend to adopt across all age group and social class. Adding in competitiveness, the product life cycle for smart-gadgets has become shorter. 

    Consequently, the demand for semiconductor devices has increased staggeringly. This eventually created a bottleneck in one of the vital production process – testing. Performance of testers are highly subjected to the accuracy and speed of testing which is equivalent to the amount of output within a minimum timeframe. 

    Players in testing industry are constantly innovating and competing to claim the title of ‘The World Fastest Tester.’ As such, Speed of a tester is a moving target. 

    Like a Cheetah, Aemulus will keep the moving target within sight – we are conscious of being accurate and speedy, and aware of the need to stay ahead of the competition.
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