[Sparks of Light for the Underprivileged] Audi Dream Farm with Peace Children Care Centre

28 April 2023

A swift click of transaction and funds are delivered across instantaneously. A sense of social responsibility felt fulfilled but was there a moment of personal connection or a heartwarming experience that touches the hearts (and souls) of the little ones?

That sparks our ideology behind our 6-month program of focusing on the underprivileged community – Sparks of Light for the Underprivileged. Our chief focus is to take some time out of the hustles to slower our pace and to form connection with humanity. The keyword we are also looking at is ‘educational’ be it for us or for the recipients. This maiden trip is the kickstart of this program – it is a half-day visit to Audi Dream Farm in Balik Pulau, Penang with the kids of Peace Children Care Centre. They are individuals who are wounded, who have experienced loneliness and the worst in humanity living with their abusive parents/grandparents.

The day started with a hearty warm breakfast at the Base. A blend of basic ESG introduction incorporating Aemulus’ initiatives and the daily ESG practices that could be adopted at their early age were shared thereafter. A tour around our Base followed suit and for some of the kids, it was their first glimpse of an airplane (in their lives) at our very own Rooftop Garden. Smiling gleefully and their excitement of the airplane gearing to take off were precious.

Advancing to Audi Dream Farm, there was an array of animals ranging from deers, rabbits, sheep, geese, chickens, horses, and many more available for feeding and petting – which clearly lighten up their moods. As the kids had such a closeup interaction with these animals, their joy was evident on their faces and body language. A heartwarming sight nonetheless. The trip ended with a flower-planting session and each of them went home with a small plant with their names written on.

A seemingly simple trip but for the kids, it was a privileged and an educational one.