Amenities that spread across the span of three levels in Aemulus Base (AB)… Let’s zoom in on the checkpoints you want to check them off your list or how you can spend your day (& night) in AB.

Manoeuvring through the Base, the sight of a curvaceous bright green route at the parking area is not to be missed. That’s the Jogging Track where you jog your way to fitness.

When you couldn’t contain your build-up stress, head over to The Royal Albert Hall and be the next generation Celine Dion. Let loose and hit the high notes! The double-glazed windows are built to withstand and will not crack – only your voice will (sing with caution!).

When you feel famished after rounds of singing battle, pop by the Vending Machine to grab some light bites. OR if you feel nauseous and are gasping for air, the Sick Bay is there to accommodate. Of course, if you are into some homemade meals, display your culinary skills at The Balconie.

If unleashing your melodic voice is not your forte, opt for Movies viewing. Upper Walhalla Hall is convertible – it is an open-space meeting room, a Movie Theatre and a Training Hall. On a leisure Friday, go for a Movie Marathon – there’s no restrictions on the duration and number of movies. We don’t charge, it’s Free!

For the gym enthusiasts, hit up Süleyman – run on the treadmill, lift some weights or showcase your boxing skills.

When it’s time to get a snooze, head over to Sapphire / Amethyst. Get yourself tucked in and have a good night’s sleep.

As the alarm goes off, pop into the shower in one of our Business Lounges. Start the day afresh with a Yoga session on our Rooftop Garden whilst enjoying the scenic sunrise view of the Runway.

Employee's Reviews

Great culture, a result driven organisation. People work together without boundary to achieve company’s goals. They care about their employees, work hard and have fun. Proud to be part of a local brand ATE.

Raymond Tan
Software Applications Department

Aemulus has the best working environment I ever work with. It has a best workplace culture and wide diversity with unlimited opportunities. The senior leadership not just focus on business development but also on the employee career growth and support for success. Management is great and flexible, and manages the Covid situation in structured manner.
Work life balance is exist in Aemulus. There are great facilities, such as pool table, table tennis, gym, movie/MTV session during lunch hour, and many other employee engagement activities. The best part is the magnificent view on airport runway just right in front our office.

Ryan Tan
Product Development Department

Looking for changes and growth in your career? Aemulus is a place that comes to mind!
The working environment is very comfortable and increases your work productivity, to say the least. Everyone here is easy to get along and you feel the sense of belonging here in Aemulus.

Furqan Zulkifli
Software Department

Aemulus is arguably the best workplace for fresh engineers. The opportunities to learn and grow can be limitless. In Aemulus, you will be greeted by some of the most talented yet most supportive engineers.

Jack Ho
Applications Department

Aemulus is your not-so-traditional factory – its architecture is one of a kind and houses a healthy working environment. Not only does Aemulus bring (abundance of) fun to your doorsteps, it also provides you the opportunity to shine like a gem!

Xing Rou
Research and Development Department

Did you know that we spend almost one third of our lives at work? Since we spend so much time at work, it is important for us to find the right place to work in. In Aemulus, there are a ton of great finds. The culture here is the best part and not to mention the family-like team members who are the pillars of one another – are the key elements for us to excel and advance together.

Yeoh Cheenie
Sales Department

Aemulus is where potential meets possibilities. We believe in giving opportunities to our team members to try new things and break new barriers. All you need is to put your heart on it, no mountain is too high to climb over in Aemulus. And while we work hard, we also play hard. We always think of creative ways to have fun, and to make our office like our home. We are young, vibrant and agile like a cheetah, and our doors are always open for more to join our close-knitted family. Together we transform passion and ideas into reality!

Marcus Lee
Research and Development Department