Take a drive.

your eye.

It’s our

As you drive along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah and into the Free Industrial Zone on Penang Island, you’ll be greeted by rows of manufacturing plants and factories in all sizes, from all over the world.

Then suddenly, an ‘oddball’ catches your eye. A building with red clay bricks like a fort, and strangely enough, is that the back of the building that is facing the main road?!

Yes, that’s our Aemulus Base!
A rustic façade surrounded by lush green foliage with tall trees lining the perimeters of our building. We look forward to seeing these trees grow and flourish. They are vital to our ecosystem and improve our urban environment, reducing ambient temperature in developing cities like ours.
Glass front. Back brick.
Sounds right, but why are they facing in the

opposite directions?

It’s all about harvesting the best of what nature has to offer. Our front faces the ‘back’ because that’s where the sun rises every morning. Our glass panels are positioned to welcome the mild morning sun while our red brick fort facing the main road shields us from the scorching evening sun.

Because of that, we construct the perfect indoor climate with minimal need on artificial energy.

15kWH Helifan vs
147 kWH Air-Conditioner
Hey look! No air-conditioners!

That always surprises first-timers upon arriving at our Walhalla Hall. How is it possible for such a big space to remain comfortably cool and airy with just two Heli fans?

Indeed, it would have taken approximately 500,000 BTU/h air-conditioning to cool a space of this size. Yet an unseen air circulation is generated in the multi-purpose hall. Because of its architectural features, heat dissipates quickly, and a cooling sensation is formed with the acceleration from the fans.

Watch our little ice cube experiment!

The ice cubes took 40 minutes to melt.
On average, a 1-inch ice cube melting speed is:
  • In ice water: 15 to 20 mins
  • In room temperature: 5 to 20 mins
  • Under the sun: 1 to 2 mins
The double-gazed e-coating glass panels filter the heat from the sun, while allowing visible lights to penetrate. The results? You get to enjoy your chilled drink longer while ‘absorbing’ the lovely sunshine to start your day.

Ready for take-off, captain!

Here’s the other bigger ‘secret’ as to why we have our frontage facing the other side. It accords us with the best views of the runway of our Penang International Airport.

From morning breakfast to afternoon lunch, many of us love to spend a moment to watch an aeroplane pick up its momentum and take-off. It’s an inspiring moment that gives you an adrenaline rush and pumps you up to take on the day with zest.

Wouldn’t the noise be disruptive then?
What noise?
80% Noise Reduction

Glass conducts sound very well. But double glazing allows us to significantly reduced noise volume by up to 80%. Conversations can go on uninterrupted even while a plane flies by.

A bright workplace

for bright ideas!

Welcome to the Town Hall where everyone gathers for a productive day. There’s only three long streaks of lights stretching from the front to the back, yet the entire space is as bright as day.
Meet our Light Wells!

Look up and you will find the source of light. Four hollow squares that allow sun rays to shine down from above. We call it the Light Wells. This imperative source of natural light brightens up the open space of the Town Hall, keeping the need for artificial lighting to a minimal.

Ever green.

Forever growing.

“Let’s make our rooftop functional,”

said our CEO, and just like that it was turned into a garden. A green open field that has now become a venue for our various team-building activities, get-togethers, brainstorming under the stars and more.

“That’s Aemulus Base.
Our very special place that amplifies our beliefs and actions towards sustainability and ESG.”

Dive into our beliefs towards ESG here or find out why we’re proud of our Base here.