Our Beliefs

Live, breathe ESG.

The worldwide Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) awareness initiatives have taken the corporate world by storm. Yet as a business entity, one should know better than to ride on the bandwagon just to be in trend. For us, it’s about doing what we believe is right.

The team at Aemulus resonates strongly with the ESG purposes and obligations. We embrace it because we believe this is the future of a sustainable and profitable business operation. One that takes good care of its people, the environment as much as it does for its business.

Being awarded with the annual Sustainability and CSR Malaysia Award in 2021 is a testament to the commitment and efforts we have made and will continue to uphold.

“To know that your well-being is being prioritised.
It creates a full cycle effect. You want to give your best to a company that is doing the same for you, for the environment and for the community.”

So, what are our ESG efforts, you asked?

From small lifestyle changes such as “no plastics”, “bring-your-own-sugar” initiatives, the provision of healthy and balanced meals to our employees, to bigger and bolder decisions such as taking a stand in gender diversity in the workplace and building a partially sustainable green building as our Aemulus base – a lot has been done towards ESG, yet there is still so much to do and to look forward to.

But why ESG?

This is a common question Aemulus and even our staff get asked about. That is because ESG reflects the importance towards the 3Ps:
People, Planet and Profit.

They are all interlinked and that’s how business works.

“If a company is not making money, we are wasting natural resources.”
It is that simple, and because of that Aemulus is now working hard towards a Circular Economy Model where we strive to minimise waste created at the end of the technological cycles. Just because a technology has become obsolete, doesn’t mean the parts of it are no longer of use.
Wouldn’t that be amazing in terms of

business and sustainability?

Ultimately, there is the need to always ‘question’ and ‘challenge’ ourselves with the many ‘What-if’ possibilities, and that is exactly how Aemulus will continue to move forward in all our ESG efforts.