Corporate Social Responsibility

What goes around comes around

Saying it in words…

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – are they the same? Are the terms used interchangeably?

No, they only share a mere 50% DNA in case you are wondering.

Sustainability efforts will influence the ecosystem on a national and global level. It is a long-term pledge that will have big impacts to the Earth and is a continuous yet never-ending journey.

CSR, though, is a long-standing commitment we recognise as a need for the betterment of the community. It is a sense of purpose and the need for us to contribute to the society.

Putting it in action…

Over the years, we have participated in giving motivational talks at Penang Entrepreneur Start-up Conference, WebCamp, Inspireme Talk, BFM Enterprise Breakaway 2017, Motorola TED Talk and the list goes on. It was done out of goodwill to build entrepreneurship, leadership skills among the young talents.

Education is indispensable and should never be a scarce element in this modern world today. It is education that will define the future of mankind – the advancement, the livelihoods, the evolution.

On a side note, financial assistance / donations to schools, the needy community are a norm. Not only do we count our blessings – sharing our blessings are an integral part of it too.